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How to Get iTunes Radio Back to iOS 7 Devices

2013-12-30 15:47:44 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Although some errors occur, iTunes Radio is no doubt an excellent screaming music service App. The errors may influence normal use of the App on iOS 7 devices. So we need to figure out how to solve the problem. What we can do when iTunes Radio disappears?
iTunes Playlists

iTunes Radio

There are two ways of getting "iTunes Radio" back. Try the second one if the first one doesn't work.

Method 1

1. Turn off "Music" App in the background.
2. Doubt press "Home" button and enter background management.
3. Select "Music" and slide it off.
4. Back to menu and turn on "Music".

Method 2

1. Reset Apple ID and reboot the device.
2. Open "Settings" and find "iTunes" and "Apple Store".
3. Choose "Apple ID: email@address" and use your Apple ID to sign in to iTunes Store.
Sign in iTunes Store

4. Use Apple ID to sing in to "iTunes".
5. Keep pressing "Power" button until "slid to turn off" shows up. Then slid the button to "off".
And then press the "Power" button again to boot the device up.
6. Open "Music" App to see whether "iTunes Radio" comes back.
Occasionally, the device can't detect your Apple ID after you quit "Music" App, for some reasons, so you need to reboot your device.

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