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Fix Error 1604 During iPhone Firmware Restore in iTunes

2013-07-23 14:36:55 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Problem Manifestation: Some users might have been annoyed by the warning message about "An unknown error 1604" when using iTunes to update and restore firmware on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Your device's screen may show connection to iTunes as shown below:


Causation: The error is related to USB.
Solution: Try changing USB ports, removing or reinstalling USB ports. You can try other feasible methods for USB fault diagnosis, such as USB connection fault diagnosis, unsuccessfully detection USB device or Fire Wire by PC. If you are using a dock, bypass it and connect directly to the USB 30 dock connector cable. If the problem occurs on a well-performing computer, your device may need repairing.
If you fail to solve the problem by conducting USB fault diagnosis and happen to have no other computers to use, you can follow the below steps:
1. Connect device to iTunes. Make sure it is in the recovery mode.
Connect iPhone to your PC via USB transfer cable and keep holding "Home" + "Power" button. Don't release "Power" button until the icon of white "Apple" appears in the screen. Continue to hold "Home" button for approximately 7 seconds. When the screen shows the icon of the connection between USB and iTunes, release "Home" button. Your device is in the mode recovery.

2. Click "OK" in the warning message
Restore and wait for error 1604. When the warning message prompts, click "OK".

3. Recognize device in the recovery mode
Close and reopen iTunes while iPhone remains connected. iPhone should now be recognized in Recovery Mode again. Then try to restore again.

If the problem can not be solved by follow the above, try to use well-recognized USB cable, computer and internet connection to restore.

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