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Few Ways of Cydia Plug-in Backup

2013-06-11 12:10:25 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Since iOS 6, Apple has been speeding up the upgrade of firmware that iOS users can't always catch up with the upgrading of their devices with iTunes. Upgrading with OTA definitely a good choice but for the jailbreak users it won't work. If you upgrade with OTA then you will have to spend long time to reinstall many plug-ins. So here we would like to introduce you few ways about Cydia plug-in backup.

Way 1: OpenBackup

OpenBackup may be the best backup plug-in as it can sync with iCloud(view content in OpenBackup in iCloud) and backup all the plug-ins and settings.  Click "Backup" and start, click "Restore" if you need to.


Way 2: AptBackup

AptBackup is also another good choice and it is quite simple-only backup and restore. After you hit "Backup", it will create a plist file which includes a list of all the plug-ins that installed by Cydia. When you backup with iTunes the plist file will be backuped automatically to your PC. When you restore iOS device with iTunes, the plist file will be restored to your iOS device and Cydia will auto download the plug-ins in the list.


Those two plug-ins are compatible with iOS5.x+
Sure there are also other choices like Pkgbackup($9.99). Pkgbackup helps you backup to Dropbox as well as share and exchange plug-in list via Facebook, Twitter, Bonjour and Bump. xBackup($1.5) is able to backup added source list, installed plug-ins and also backup to the server of xBackup(iOS6 is not supported). If you just want to backup plug-ins then we recommend you the free apps.

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