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How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling

2013-11-18 14:30:16 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Are you planning to sell your iPhone and buy the newly launched version? Maybe yes. The new generation iPhone always attracts most Apple users, especially those Apple device lovers. But undoubtedly, you won't like others access or get the personal data on the iPhone after you sell, donate or give it away, right? Like your text messages, contacts, photos and others, they are all about your privacy. So, here is the problem: how can you delete the personal data or information completely on the iPhone?
Some iPhone data eraser programs are available in the market but few of them works perfectly, as the data wiped or deleted can be recovered or restored later. To secure your personal information, here we suggest iPhone Data Eraser, an easy-to-use as well as effective data eraser software, to help you wipe all the contents on the device completely. No one or even official recovery facility can get the data back, so you needn't worry about your information leakage. Read and follow the steps below and figure it out how to erase iPhone data forever before you sell it.
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Note: Before you do this to your iPhone, make a backup through iTunes or iCloud first, so you can restore all your data on the new device later. Or, you can try TunesGo to transfer all the data to the new iPhone.

How to Wipe iPhone Data Completely Before Selling?

• Step 1: Run iPhone Data Eraser and Plug in your Device
Install and run the eraser program on your PC. Then connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. You will get the interface below:

• Step 2: Select a Type to Erase Data
Two types of data erasing are provided by the software: Erase All Data on Device and Erase Deleted Files. You can see the specific description from the homepage above. Choose the first one and move on. (The second erasing type is not available yet).

• Step 3: Choose a Security Level and Begin to Erase your iPhone
Here you are offered three security levels to delete all iPhone data: Low, Medium and High. Navigate to each security level and read the information carefully.
Here choose the Medium security level and click on "Start" button to begin erasing your iPhone data. Confirm your conduct by inputting the shown word then. Now, the eraser program starts to wipe all data on the device for you, wait for a while patiently.

Note: Don't unplug your device in the erasing process, or the deleting won't complete successfully.

• Step 4: Complete the Data Erasing
The program will show as follow when it completes erasing for the device. Click "Done" to finish. Now, your iPhone is totally new as it was made in the factory.

Unregister/Unlink your iPhone from Apple's Web

After deleting all data on your device, you need to unregister or unlink the iPhone from Apple's website so it is not connected your Apple ID any more. The instructions below will tell you how to make it.
Step 1: Visit Apple's Web first. (https://supportprofile.apple.com/MySupportProfile.do)
Step 2: Launch in with your Apple ID and password.
Step 3: Tap on "Edit products" in the interface.
Step 4: Click "x" to the right of your iPhone name.
Step 5: Press "Unregister" and confirm it.That is it. Quite simple, isn't it? Also, remember stop all the linked accounts to the iPhone, such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google and so on. After all this, you can sell your iPhone without any concern now.

Download the TRIAL version of iPhone Data Eraser below to have a try.
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