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Emergency Aid for Saving Your Water Damaged iPhone

2013-07-09 16:28:19 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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After your iPhone drop into the water, please immediately do as the follow:

Before putting it into a rice bag:

1. Get it from the water as soon as possible. Remember to be quick!
2. Turn it off now! Long press home till it shuts down.
3. Take your iPhone cover off at once since it holds the water. You can remove the screen protector if you find visible bubble.Wipe your iPhone with water-absorbing material from the screen, sides and back. Pay special attention to the power button, volume button, mute switch, speaker, microphone and audio output jack. Try to dry all the visible water.
4. Use cotton tips or try other possible approaches to absorb remaining water from audio output jack.
5. Disconnect any connections( headphone, ports, charger, USB, accessories).

Now all visible water has been dried out, you can put your iPhone into the rice bag.

How to put your iPhone into a sealed rice bag? Get a sealing bag:

1. Any type of rice will be fine but better don't use enriched rice coz it will leave white powder in the ports or buttons.(enriched rice: white rice which has been mixed with an assortment of vitamins and nutrients to make it more nutritious.)
2. Keep it in the bag at least 36 hours. Fully fill the bag with rice so that your iPhone can be covered up. Leave some air and seal the bag.
3. Be patient. Basically the longer time you keep your iPhone in the rice bag, the more water inside your device could be absorbed. You can check if you think it ok, but it is strongly advised to keep a longer time. Be a little bit more patient if you doubt there are still water remained. Nevertheless if it looks good then try to turn it on.
Done! No any water damage!

You can try the above approach no matter what kind of water your iPhone drops into. But the longer time your iPhone soaked in the water, the less possibility it could be rescued. Similarly, it will be easier if it drops into plain water rather than saline water like sea water coz its causticity is stronger. Soft drinks and viscous beverage would be worse as they contain leftovers. However, even you have poured coke or coffee onto your iPhone, you still have a chance so long as it dries entirely.

Check water damage and liquid contact indicators

Check liquid contact indicators after your iPhone thoroughly dried out. There are many sensors in every iPhone which will become red when they are to touch with liquid. I am sorry to tell you that you may not get a warranty if they turn red. Check your iPhone with the below images.

It doesn't seem to be a good omen if the sensors turn red. Generally Apple doesn't cover your iPhone if it drops into water.

What to do if some of the iPhone functions out of service?

Slow response of the home button - you can dab the home on the screen instead of pressing the button.
Malfunction of the audio output - you can only listen to music by connecting it with USB base equipment.
Malfunction of the volume, mute and power buttons - you can adjust the sound volume with other software. Be careful not to drain the power if your iPhone power button fails to work.
Slow response of the touching screen - try to get used to if it is not unbearable. Sometime it works if you change a new screen but sometimes no coz there might be problems with other parts not the screen itself.
Take your iPhone to Apple store and see if they free repair your iPhone after water damage. Normally Apple doesn't warrant for water damage or other accidental damage if you haven't purchased AppleCare + . Anyway you won't lose anything if you try with the Apple staffs and it is cheaper to repair than to buy a new one.
It is also welcome to share any of your better ideas or experience with us.

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