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Drive Defrag Mac

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Drive Defrag Mac - Optimize and Defrag to Improve your Mac Performance. Improves data access speeds and overall Mac performance. Defragment your hard disk to improve data access and Mac performance. Extend the life of your hard drive. Also works on the boot volume by creating a Mac bootable DVD.

Your hard drive began its life as a series of well-organized files, neatly arranged in sequential units of data on the drive's platter. But as more and more data is read from and written to your hard drive, and as programs are installed and removed, those sequential units quickly become fragmented, with some parts of a file stored here, and other parts stored elsewhere on the disk. This results in longer read times for your programs since each data request requires your computer to work harder than it needs to.
This is where Drive Defrag Mac comes in. It gathers all the small chunks of free space together which helps in two areas:
1) creates a larger area of free space, which can then be used for more storage and
2) the scattered data can now be accessed more quickly.
Whether you're experiencing sluggish application response times, system responses, or a general decline in performance, it's time to defragment your data using Drive Defrag Mac.

Key Features of Drive Defrag Mac

Enhance your Mac performance quickly and easily with a few clicks using Drive Defrag Mac.
• Defrag Mac Files - Collects related pieces of scattered data on your drive and allocates them to neighboring or nearby locations to reduce fragmentation and make data access easier and smoother. You can either defrag a single file or perform defragmentation of multiple files simultaneously.

• Full Defragmentation - Drive Defrag - Mac accurately determines the space allocated on your hard drive and then smoothly defrags everything present on the drive, including files, metadata, and unused space. The software categorizes the disk space into various attributes, such as Allocation, Overflow, Catalog, Attribute, Fragmented, Data, and Unused Space.

• Quick Defragmentation - The quick defragmentation feature allows you to defrag all fragmented files in your Mac volume. This eliminates the need for full defragmentation of the Mac hard drive or volume.

• Organizes Free Space - Using an efficient algorithm, locates and collects the free space available on your hard drive to keep it togther and avoid fragmentation. This reduces the disk head movement and leads to a significant increase to your Mac performance.

• Metadata Defragmentation - Defrags all metadata files present in your system, including the catalog, allocation, extent overflow, and attribute files. Metadata defragmentation provides much faster access to file information and improved performance.

• Bootable CD - Enables you to create a bootable Mac DVD, which can be effectively used to boot your Mac machine and perform defragmentation to the boot volume of your system. If you are using 'Lion', you need to download the bootable image ('.dmg' file) and then burn it to a DVD to defrag the Lion bootable partition.

Software Requirements of Drive Defrag Mac

Platform: Mac Operating System 10.4 or above, Mac OS X Lion
• 25 MB free disk space
• 512 MB RAM
Processor: Mac Power PC (G4 and above), Mac, Intel

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Ready to try or buy?

Free download the trial version to evaluate. Size: 12.6 MB
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