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Drive Clone Mac

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Size 12.7 MB

Drive Clone Mac - Easily Backup and Restore your Mac. Clone - creates an exact copy of hard drive and logical volumes; Image - creates mirror image of hard drive or volumes; Restore - stores volume from folder or image file; Boot Disk - create bootable DVD;

There are many reasons why you may need to clone or image your Mac hard drive:
1) Create an extra copy of your original Mac hard drive so that you have an original backup in case of a crash or failed drive.
2) Completely backup of your hard drive so you can restore in case of drive failure or crash.
3) Image your hard drive or volume so that any accidentally deleted or formatted data can be restored instantly.
You can also use Drive Clone Mac to easily create a bootable DVD so you can still access your system in case of system failure.

Key Features of Drive Clone Mac

• Clone Hard Drive or Volume - Create a clone of your entire Mac hard drive or specific volume. In case of a system crash or hard drive damage, use the cloned hard drive or volume to restore your system. Very useful feature to create a full backup of your entire Mac hard drive.

• Create Image of Hard Drive or Volume - Create an image of your entire Mac hard drive or specific volume. The hard drive image contains the content of your entire hard drive and can be used to restore data in case of loss or damage. The image file created with Drive Clone - Mac takes less storage space, as it ignores the bad sectors and unused file space in the source drive/volume.

• Resize Volumes - Option to resize the volume on the destination drive after cloning.

• Create Bootable DVD - Create a bootable DVD so you can still access your system in case of system failure.

• Restore Data - restores the hard drive or volume from the cloned folder or hard drive image file.

• Create a Minimal System - option to create minimal system (including all necessary system files) working as a real system with minimum features. The Minimal System created with Drive Clone Mac includes all default applications, all the files and folders on your desktop and selected applications.

Software Requirements of Drive Clone Mac

Platform: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger
• 50 MB free disk space
• 512 MB RAM
Processor: Mac Power PC (G4 and above), Mac, Intel

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