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How to Quickly Delete iPhone Photos On Mac

2013-12-07 16:19:22 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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You have stored more than 2000 pictures on your iPhone 5s? Or have at least hundreds of photos in Camera Roll? No wonder you want to delete some of them to clear the space of your iPhone. Undoubtedly, it will cost you too much time and effort if you choose to tap and delete them one by one on the device. Well. No panic. Here we are going to introduce you a pretty convenient as well as simple way to help deleting iPhone photos quickly on the Mac. Read on and figure it out yourself.

Way to Quickly Delete iPhone Photos on Mac

Before you start deleting picture from your iPhone, make sure you have backed up all what you want on the computer. Then follow the steps below:
• Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the Mac using your iPhone USB cable.

• Step 2: Launch Image Capture. You can find it in the Applications Folder or through "Spotlight" searching tool. (Press on "Ctrl" and "Space" keys simultaneously to open "Spotlight").

• Step 3: Select your iPhone in the device list on the left of the window, and you can see all your photos, pictures and images stored on your device displayed on the right.

• Step 4: Tap on all those files you don't want with your mouse and then click the red "Delete" button. Confirm the deletion when the message pops up. Now, wait for the deleing process.

Much easier than you thought, right? Check, delete and confirm. Three simple clicks help you remove a big trouble effortlessly. Besides, you can also use Image Capture to import all pictures from your iPhone to the Mac quickly and easily. Try it yourself.

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