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How to Delete iPhone Data Without Losing Jailbreak

2013-11-25 14:31:52 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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"I have an iPhone 5 - how do I erase the data on the phone without losing the jailbreak? I am looking to sell it. If I go to settings - general - reset - erase all content and settings, will this lose the jailbreak?"
"I have a jailbroken iPhone for sale on eBay. How would I erase all the data and information on the phone without losing my Jailbreak? Thanks."

For the first question, to erase all data on the iPhone through the default factory resetting does will make you lose the jailbreak at the same time. However, many iPhone users want to delete the whole personal data on their devices but keep the jailbreak. Since you can't use the iPhone "Erase All Content and Settings" function, here we introduce you two effective ways to wipe iPhone data without losing jailbreak.

Solution 1: Completely Erase iPhone Data (Only for an Jailbroken iPhone)

If you want, you can also try iLEX RAT to erase all iPhone data without losing your jailbreak. To make it more specifically, the whole data can be cleared up, except for stock apps and data from the jailbroken iPhone. But you can have your jailbreak kept original. Read the steps below to check it out.
Step 1: First of all, go to download and install iLEX RAT on your iPhone from Cydia Store.

Step 2: Look for MobileTerminal from Cydia Store. Then install and run it on your device.

Step 3: Enter "rat" in the command area and select to delete all iPhone data by taping on option 12 in the long list shown to you.

Step 4: Touch on "Yes" to confirm your action so the app gets your verification.

Step 5: Wait until the erasing process completes. Lastly, reboot your iPhone when informed to do that.

So, after rebooting the device, you will get a "new" iPhone with no data on it. (iLEX RAT and stock apps still exits).

Solution 2: Use Professional iPhone Data Eraser to Wipe all Data

To keep the jailbreak after erasing all the data on the iPhone, this is the ideal way for you. Professional iPhone Data Eraser can assist you to wipe off the whole contents just with one click, including SMS, photos, videos, notes, contacts and others. It's safe as well as fast. After all, you won't lose the jailbreak. iPhone 5s/5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are all compatible with this program. Now follow the easy guide below to erase your iPhone data:
Windows Version Mac Version

• Step 1: Download and install the program on your computer. Then connect your iPhone and run the eraser program.

• Step 2: Select "Erase all Data on Device", the only available type of data erasing, to delete both existing and deleted data files.

• Step 3: Choose one security level from the offered standards: Low, Medium and High. Then click on "Start" and input the word shown to you to begin the erasing process.

After some time, you can get your "clean slate" state iPhone, without any personal data stored before. Surely, jailbreak won't lose. Restart and use it as new, or resell it to others. It's all for your choice.

Well, these two methods are both workable in deleting all iPhone data without losing jailbreak. Choose any one as you like. Any suggestions or questions can be left in the comments.

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