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How to Delete Duplicates from iTunes

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As an owner of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you may have been bothered by the mess files in iTunes including duplicated songs and inexistent tracks. It will be a painful job to go through each of them trying to find out which duplicates to keep or to delete. This article will help you find and delete duplicates in iTunes using built-in tools and third party applications, which will make your duplicate-removing process painless and efficient.
Two ways to delete duplicates from iTunes:

Part 1: View exact duplicates and delete them manually

ITunes has a pretty neat feature that allows you to search for Exact Duplicates. This is a better method, compared with the traditional one, as duplicate items listed by just the artist or title could contain studio, live or radio mix versions of the same song, and you don't want to lose any one of them.
1. Launch iTunes on either your Mac or PC.
2. Holding down the Alt-Option key (Mac) or Shift key (PC), then clicking on the "View".
3. From the View menu, you will see an option "Show Exact Duplicate Items". Click on it.

4. You should now see all your duplicate songs listed. You can delete the duplicates one by one by landing on them and select "Delete".

Part 2: Use iTunes Duplicates Cleaner to delete duplicates

iTunes provides built-in duplicate feature to get rid of duplicates. It is capable enough to deal with small libraries with a small amount of dupes. But if you have a massive library with tons of duplicates and non-existent tracks, you may require a more powerful and time-saving app like iTunes Duplicates Cleaner, which can automatically sort and sweep away duplicate tracks with no more than three clicks. And it allows you to set criteria for matching a duplicate.
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Following these 3 steps to delete duplicates from iTunes:
1. Install iTunes Duplicates Cleaner on your PC or Mac, run it. Click "Find Duplicates" button to sort duplicates.
2. Click "Auto Mark Duplicates" to check tracks to be deleted according to your setting conditions.
3. Click "Delete Checked Tracks" button on top to clean up iTunes duplicates in one go.

Make setting in "Preferences" to let the app smartly choose if it's necessary. For the sake of safety, you can remove them to Trash/Recycle Bin, which allows you to recover the deleted files.

By comparing this two methods, you may see the advantages of using iTunes Duplicates Cleaner. Automatical duplicates sorting and quick duplicates deletion allows you to clean up your iTunes without any difficulty. And it also you to restore the deleted files from the Trash.

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