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Deal with Unresponsive Touch Screen of iPhone 5s

2013-11-29 13:14:41 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Since iPhone 5s appeared on the market, some users had revealed that the touch screen of iPhone 5s wouldn't work after they used it for a while. Though it would recover by itself in a moment, unresponsive screen can be very annoying and disrupt people's daily use. So what cause the touch screen of iPhone 5s not to work? And how to deal with this?

It can be a challenging problem for some people. However, there're quiet a lot of ways to fix it with no hassle. Here are a few tips and things that one can try when his iPhone 5s screen becomes unresponsive.

1. Hold down the Home bottom from the Lock screen, start the voice control and say, "play music". The touch-screen feature of music play would restore.

2. Let your phone shut down automatically when it's power off. Charge it and turn it on, the phone screen would responsive again.

3. Connect your iPhone 5s to iTunes, upgrade it to the latest iOS, and the touch screen of your phone should be working again.


Dealing with an unresponsive iPhone 5s may not be a challenge for you now. You can try the methods mentioned above if your iPhone 5s's touchscreen, unfortunately, is not responding. If the above tips didn't work for you, you may have to take it to the professionals. Good luck!

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