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Convert Rich Text to Plain Text in Mac

2013-09-17 22:38:29 / Posted by
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Many people believe that it is old story to transform rich text to plain text. But I have to say these are three most favorable ways: using text editing software in Mac and applying hot keys.
Even though you can save font colors, sizes, hyperlinks and other special text format in RTF but error always occurs when the text is transformed in different platforms like websites and emails. So how can we convert then to plain text? Let's see.

Guide: Converting RTF to plain text (OS X)

Way 1:

Run "TextEdit" and create a new blank file.
Copy the text from RTF to the blank file.
Choose "Format" and click "Plain text" in the drop-down menu, or press command +Shift+T.
Click "yes" and save.

If you have saved any RTF text in "TextEdit", you can just directly open and transform as the above method.

Way 2:

Launch "TextEdit" or other editing apps, choose the content of the rich text and press Control+K to cut only the text without format. Then push on Control+Y in where you want to save the plain text. Now you get the plain text. In here, Control+K for cut and Control+Y for paste are proceeded without the text format.

Way 3:

This is similar to way 2, copy with command +C and paste with command +Shift++V then you will get the plain text. This is the regular and the easiest converting method.

Even though you may not like plain text as it is dull but for viewing the important information converting rich text to plain text would be very useful. Why not learn one of them and you can transform text to plain text with ease.

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