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How to Convert M4V to iPhone

2013-06-17 14:38:36 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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M4V is kind of video format which is very similar to MP4. It is a video format that Apple uses to encode TV episodes, movies and music videos in iTunes Store. The copyright of M4V files might be protected and if you want to play M4V files you need to have an authorized iTunes account. However, some of the M4V files cannot be played on iPhone because they are without Apple's DRM copy protection and the treatment of AC3(Dolby Digital).
So now what you need is a professional Mac Video Converter (Video Converter for Windows) which helps you to fix this problem. Video Converter is able to transform any kind of video formats to iPhone compatible formats. Now just try to convert the M4V and see if you can play on your iPhone after conversion.
There are two versions of Video Converters, install the right version to your computer.
Mac Version Windows Version

Tutorial: How to Convert M4V to The New iPhone 5 ?

• Step 1: Add M4V files to video converter
You can either import M4V files by clicking "File" - "Add Video Files" or simply dragging all the M4V files that are waiting to be converted to the interface of the video converter.

• Step 2: Choose your iPhone model
There is an format icon in the end of each imported video, click it and you will be the following graphic. Click "Apple Devices" then all Apple products appear, choose the right iPhone model then go to step 3.

• Step 3: Convert M4V to iPhone
If everything's ok, you can hit the "Convert" lies on the lower right corner to complete the converting process. Otherwise you can edit the M4V files before converting.

So now you should be able to play the M4V files in your iPhone. All the converted video files will be outputted in one folder, you can find them by clicking the small magnifier in the bottom. To better manage the video files you can change the output folder or add them to your iTunes automatically by clicking "Export" - "Preference" - "Convert" - "Add Files to iTunes after conversion". That would be more convenient for you to sync the converted videos to your device.

Mac Version Windows Version

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