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How to Clean up iTunes Library

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Cast a glance at your iTunes library. Are you amazed at the hundreds of music or podcasts which are duplicated? Just thinking about the cleaning work may piss you off. Delete the duplicates one by one by yourself using the feature provided by iTunes? You don't have to. Duplicate remove can be easily done with a little app, which enables you to have thousands of duplicates swept away from your iTunes library in a while.
iTunes Duplicates Cleaner is an efficient program for removing duplicated tracks in iTunes Library. With just a few clicks, iTunes Duplicates Cleaner can automatically find all duplicates and non-existent tracks on conditions including the track title, track artist, track album, track file extension and get them removed. It can also sort the finding result into groups by the conditions you define.
Note: iTunes Duplicates Cleaner supports both Windows and Mac versions. You can download one of them according to your need.
Mac Version

Steps to Clean Up iTunes Library

• Step 1: Install and run iTunes Duplicates Cleaner on you Mac or Windows computer, click "Find Duplicates" button on top to sort duplicates and divide the dupes into groups.

• Step 2: Click "Auto Mark Duplicates" button on top to check tracks which you want to delete on the condition you define.

• Step 3: Click "Delete Checked Tracks" button to purge iTunes duplicates

Note: If you are not sure which duplicates to be deleted, make changes in "Preferences" disable delete the real files associate to tracks, or you can select the option to move all deleted tracks to Trash, which allows you to get the tracks back if it's necessary.

iTunes Duplicates Cleaner can quickly let your iTunes library get rid of duplicates and useless tracks and return you a clean home for you music. With iTunes Duplicates Cleaner, you won't be bothered by the scut clean-up work of iTunes library any more.

Mac Version

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