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How to Charge iOS Devices Without Running Computer

2013-07-14 10:34:21 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Most of the mobile devices charging and data transferring could be realized by USB connector. In general, computer mainboard more or less includes the charging function without you to turn on the computer. It is also a sufficient way to charge your iOS devices with low power consumption. Let's see how it works.
How to turn on the charging function of the mainboard
Disable the ErP after installing the software, otherwise you won't be able to charge.

Manufactures various in techniques for realizing the charging function of a closed computer. Even though the titles may sound different but they follow the same principle and aim for the similar purpose. Currently there are different types of mainboard support this charging function, what you need to do is simply to install corresponding software to activate it. In addition, disable the ErP so as to ensure the USB ports connecting to the mainboard are electrified even though the computer is off. Then your device can be charged by connecting the computer with USB wire.
Will it damage the mainboard if charge with the off computer?
First we need to understand that the computer is completely shut down when you are charging. What support the electricity is the 5V line of the power supply. In such situation, display card, RAM and other hardwares in the platform could be inserted, extracted and exchanged. Therefore the mainboard is also in a shutdown mode then there is no way for damage or harm.
Is it possible to charge other devices?

Easy to charge iPad as long as the mainboard support the charging function.
The strict voltage standard for USB port determines the charging voltage standard of devices charged with USB wire must be 5V. So the current output of USB port decides what kind of devices could be charged. Many popular suppliers claim that their mainboards could charge iPad, which, in other words, means the current output of the USB ports in the mainboards achieve up to 2A. Of course, the output of USB processes protective circuit so it won't cause any damage when charge low current devices.
The greatest advantage to charge with computer.

The greatest advantage to charge with computer mainboard is that it could charge multiple devices in the same time.
In spite of the electricity fee and charging time, the number one benefit for charging by USB port of the mainboard is that you can simultaneously connect more than one device. It is absolutely more convenience than the traditional one-to-one charging method. Fully-charge all the devices in the shortest time not only save space but also improve the charging efficiency.


The article is mainly about the charging function of the mainboard without running the computer. We also did some tests and it turned out to be a nice choice when you don't have charger. To charge with computer mainboard could replace the traditional charger if you get used to it.

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