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Take Screenshots of Webpage for iPhone with Barry

2013-12-16 10:58:31 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Barry Take screenshots
Imagine while you're enjoying browsing a webpage, something unexpected happens and makes you stop it and go out immediately, how would you pick it up on you way out? Browse it later? But you've run out of your traffic already. Take screenshots? This article is so long that you have to take dozens of screenshots. So, why not use Barry to do yourself a favor? With just one click, Barry helps you take the full length screenshots of the whole webpage!
Barry is an app specializing in taking scrolling screenshots for webpage, so it's only about 1M in size, a very practical tool. However, Barry still remains its iOS 6 design, which seems a little incompatible with the trend. Nevertheless, its icon is quite lovely.

What's Barry? What's it used for?

Barry is a tool for iOS used for taking webpage screenshots with the ability of scrolling down, and it's now free to download! It's very easy to use Barry: enter the website in Barry's address bar, click "Capture" after the loading of the webpage, then you will get the full length screenshot of the whole webpage. The screenshot will be saved in "V" on Barry's bottom left, click which you can check the shot pictures. Open the screenshot, click the share button on the upper right, select "Save to Camera Roll" and it will be saved in "Photos" of your iPhone.
Barry: Capture Web Images   Save Image of Webpage with Barry

What's webpage screenshots taking for?

1. Save the full length articles, the remarkable news follow-ups or sharing from social media;
2. Frozen the fascinating moments on the webpage;
3. Save the unfinished webpage on the phone for later reading.
Here just name a few. However, you may possibly use it in many other cases as you like.
Capture the Screenshots on Webpage   Take Webpage Screenshots for iPhone

To take screenshots of webpage, Barry is really a good choice. The full length screenshot taken by Barry is much more than that taken by the "Home button + Power button" combo. Plus, it's super simple to use!

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