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How to Avoid Deleting Important Apps in iPhone

2013-09-17 22:49:35 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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I belive that most of the iPhone users know how to delete an App in iPhone---long dab the App icon and all the Apps start wobbling, click the "x" and the App will disappear. But what if you or others mistakenly delete the Apps? Here is a tip for avoiding deleting Apps in iPhone. Let's see how it works.

How to Prevent Apps from Being Deleted?

1. Go to "Settings - General" and turn on "Restrictions", now you will be required to enter a 4-number passcode.

2. After finish setting passcode, turn off "Deleting Apps".

3. Now go back to the desktop and try to long dab any App. You will find that all the Apps are still wobbling and could be classified but something is missing. Yes, the "x" has gone. Now you don't need o worry about deleting Apps by mistake.

We strongly recommend that you turn off the ability to protect your iPhone important Apps.

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