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Apple Store Top 10 Paid Apps

2013-07-10 19:59:23 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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According to the media, Apple is going to reach another landmark - the apps downloads in App Store about to break through 5 billion times, double than that of the last February. It can be seen that the apps downloads in App Store is dramatically increasing. Few days ago, official Apple website posted the raking list of top 10 paid apps. Most of the apps are so familiar to us and new apps seem not have the change to edge in top 10. We could easier find out that the fee for downloading the popular app is very low but it charges quite much for upgrading the game. This is the mainstream profit mode for selling the apps in App Store.

1. Angry Birds (0.99USD)

Angry Birds swept every platform since the original edition issued in December,2009. There are hundreds of millions of loyal players in iOS, PC or Android platform. The effect of Angry Birds are enormous, till now Angry Birds style clothing, Angry Birds style food and Angry Birds theme park are derived from this popular game.

2. Fruit Ninja (0.99USD)

It is a very simple casual game, the only task for the player is to slice the fruits one by one. Various fruits jump onto the screen - watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, banana and apple, you need to slice them all before they fall down and disappear. Don't touch the bombs otherwise will game over.

3. Doodle Jump (0.99USD)

It is an interesting and skillful game. Player needs to keep doodle jumping and be careful not to jump into black hole, UFO and baddy. All you need is to slant left and right or swing your mobile.

4. Cut The Rope (0.99USD)

It is an interesting puzzle game. Player cuts the rope and make sure the candy falls into the little monster's mouth.

5. Angry Birds Seasons (0.99USD)

It is an upgraded version of Angry Birds combined with factors of traditional seasons like Spring Festival, Valentines and Halloween.

6. WhatsApp (0.99USD)

WhatsApp was not in last year's ranking list but it rises quickly to No.6 this year. It is a very popular cross-platform application, used for communicating among smartphones.

7. Camera+ App (0.99USD)

Camera+ is an app for sharing social photos. Users can take and cut photo,or make special treatment to the photo then share to facebook, tritter and other social network directly.

8. Words With Friends (2.99USD)

Words With Friends undoubtedly be the most successful iOS game of game giant Zynga. It deeply combines with facebook, it is like audition and become the another channel for adolescent cyber love.

9. Wings (0.99USD)

It tells a story about a pair of small wings birds wish to fly farther and higher in the beautiful graphic art.

10. Angry Birds Space (0.99USD)

Hmmm……, yes, people like Angry Birds too much and Angry Birds Space has squeezed into top 10.

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