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10 Helpful Tips to Solve the Issues of iPhone 5s & iOS 7

2013-11-10 22:26:41 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Every time Apple introduces a new model of iPhone, there come along with it a lot of new issues. "Antenna-gate" in 2012, for example, and the Map riddled with errors in iOS 6, both astonished and disappointed users. In September this year when Apple released the latest operating system, iOS 7, and iPhone 5s, new bug reports just keep rolling in. Now let's review some common iOS 7 problems and one issue relevant to iPhone 5s in this article, where we're also trying to offer corresponding tips and tricks to help solve them.

1. Inaccurate sensors of iPhone 5s
Tests have proved that severe defects exist in the sensors of iPhone 5s --- the level gauge, spiral instrument, compass and the acceleration sensor all show certain deviations. We don't know whether it's a problem of software or hardware, and the situations vary in different users. If it is the software that causes the defects, problem would be solved easily by software upgrading; but if it's the latter, things would be much thornier. Users may exchange the defected iPhone for a new one in the Apple retail outlet, which seems to be the only solution by now.

2. Rapid battery drain
It seems that the upgrade of iOS always comes with more power consumption of the device, as many users complained, and iOS 7 is no exception. However, there're some tips for saving your phone battery.
(1) Turn off the background app refresh:Settings > iTunes & App Store, where you can selectively turn off the background app refresh and upgrading.
(2) Turn off the location services: Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
(3) Turn off Auto-Brightness: Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper.

3. iMessage not working
Some users have encountered issues with iMessage while texting or receiving messages in iOS 7. The first thing you can do is to reboot your device. If it doesn't work for you, you may have to shut down iMessage and text common messages - go to Settings > Message > iMessage, turn it off, then go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Apple's been already aware of this issue, and it is said that they would address the software in a future update.

4. The lock screen loophole
iOs 7.0.2 fixed one loophole but added another. Luckily, the new one can be only launched by Siri, so to solve the problem you just need to turn lock screen Siri off in Settings.

5. The dizzy parallax effect
New iOS 7 platform boasts the glorious 3D and animation effect. However, some users suffer from motion sickness with the parallax effect and all the zooming transitions, which may cause nausea or dizziness. The best potential solution is closing you eyes when you open or shut down the apps, in the meantime, turn off the parallax effect - go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. This method could also save your phone power.

6. The failure of protection function of iPad
Some school revealed that iPad upgraded to iOS 7 can't restore the supervion data --- all the filtration function for protection in the device is all gone. Presently, what school can do is inhibiting the students from upgrading their iPad to iOS 7. Luckily, Apple is also aware of this problem, and is going to fix it in a month.

7. Apps keep logging out
Some apps with account access, like Mailbox and Snapchat, keep logging users out. The reason turns out to be the working of a new feature of iOS 7, Background App Refresh.
Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn the apps with problems off.

8. Keyboard lag
Some iOS 7 users have reported the lag on the keyboard while they are typing. When this happen, firstly, you can reset your phone: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. If it doesn't work, according to a piece of advice from a Twitter user, you could open iCloud settings, turn Documents & Data off and turn it on again, then reset your phone.

9. Siri not working
Some users reported that Siri is not working on iPhone 5s after being upgraded to iOS 7. In this case, you may firstly check Settings > General > Restriction to make sure whether you had restricted Siri. If you had not, try to reboot your device. If it doesn't work, go to Settings > General > Siri > My info, change the contact to any digital to add one.

10. Music or audio apps not working normally
Some music and audio procedures would go down in iOS 7, especially when a call coming in during the music playing. After that, the apps would lose all the data in it. Now these apps are upgraded to solve the problem above, however, maybe the most secure method is turn on the Airplane mode when using these apps.

That's ten common iOS 7 problems we gather and the potential solutions you may have a try if you've got any problem mentioned above with your updated iOS 7 or iPhone 5s. We'll update with new problems and solutions once we find them. Enjoy your brand-new iOS 7 platform!

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